Unique Procurement Model

We acknowledge the complexity in the procurement of raw materials from agricultural producers. We have developed a unique and sustainable model to ensure raw material supply as per the production requirements. We have partnered with an NGO "Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation" to carry out on-ground activities.

We have developed our high touch relationship oriented and need based emphatic procurement model wherein we consider procurement of biomass as a core activity in our value chain.

We have created an mobile app called SAATHI, which uses latest digital & innovative technology to reduce the cost of aggregation and transportation of low bulk density biomass material.

Innovative Supply Chain Technology

Through our years of research, we found that straw is the most abundantly available biomass in India, but it's commercial application is limited by high aggregation cost. Lignocellulosic biomass such as straw has low bulk density, which means it occupies high volume for less mass, translating into high transportation and storage cost.

We have developed our unique innovative supply chain technology and have vetted the same with an industry leader. Our technology reduces the transportation cost by more than 90%, thus enabling commercial application of lignocellulosic biomass processing technology.

Our revolutionary supply chain technology can help biofuel producers such as Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Gas, Bio-Oil and Bio-crude, leverage economies of scale to achieve high profitability in their project.