Unnmukt Urja is an Indian start-up foraying into the sustainable energy sector, dedicated to revolutionizing biomass supply chain management in India. We are working with our partners to create industrially valuable sources of energy, obtained from lignocellulosic biomass.

Unnmukt Urja has been founded on the principles of social inclusiveness, economic viability, and carbon neutrality. Our objectives are in alignment with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Unnmukt Urja directly collaborates with farmers and agricultural communities to responsibly source biomass feedstock using its unique sourcing and aggregation model, digitally integrate it through unique SAATHI mobile app. Our technology based solution (SAATHI) helps us reduce the cost of aggregation and transportation of biomass at manufacturing facilities, making it a sustainable business model.

We directly empower rural communities by partnering with local farmers and landowners. Our collaborations provide them with additional income opportunities through responsible biomass collection, thus supporting rural development and livelihood enhancement.

"Biofuel sector is poised for exponential growth. Unnmukt Urja has a profitable business model to aggregate and transport agricultural biomass. We have potential to grow multifold and generate superior return on your investment in a time horizon of 3 - 5 years."